Sunday, 16 November 2008

Back home again...

We're back in the country since Friday 9am-ish - weather was a bit of a shock, specially as we left Florida at a high 83s Fahrenheit (that's 28 Celsius for you and me!) and quite high humidity to crisp but sunny Edinburgh. In total I think our plane was delayed in Orlando 2 hours - but only because Newark airport was having trouble with weather.

3 out of 4 bags arrived ok (including the bag with our Halloween candy and Doug's FroJo which we were worried most about), but the bag with MY STASH didn't make the connection and only arrived yesterday morning AFTER I went to the crop, so unfortunately couldn't share with my girlies there. ;)

Due to us having quite full days in Orlando I've not been blogging, so if you're using Google Reader, Bloglines or something like that don't be alarmed - the old posts from me are back dated, your reader is still working ok. :) Might also update the blog with postings from September. :o

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