Thursday, 20 November 2008

First Day off withouth DH since holiday

Got my first nice lie-in (ish) today after the whole jet lag situation. Still not 100%, but doing better. Think it will take a couple more days. NEVER had that long a problem when coming back from the US, it's really weird. I wonder if I actually got a cold coming along that plays a bit havoc as well.

TO DO list for today:
  • CJ entry
  • Send off CJ
  • Take photos of scrapbooking goods bought in US
  • Sort Secret Santa and Nikolauswichtel
  • Make appointments with Docs
  • E-mail Wolves Tryouts Form to interested people
  • E-mail Wolves players re Sunday tryouts
  • Swimming
  • Shopping
  • clean Bathroom
  • PM Louise regarding crop bookings at Church
TA DA so far

  • Sent Wolves Tryouts Form to 52 interested people
  • Fixed laptop which gave me a fright when not starting up properly again
  • Read Google Reader
Now I am off to do some shopping ... will try to go swimming at 5pm.

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