Friday, 21 November 2008

Snowflurry Friday

What a day already!! :) Alarm went off at 7:30am and I changed it to 8:30am - woke up by myself at 9am - the time when I was supposed to be at the doctors for the Zolly injection!!! So I phoned the practice and said I'd be there in 10mins (sooo lucky our doctors are 5 mins walk away!). Fortunately, the nurse did have space and I got the Zolly as soon as I came into the waiting area. When I asked for the flu jab appointment she just did the shot there and then, so I got that out of the way. Still needed another appointment with her so booked the appointment there and then. When I got out of the practice it was slightly snowing... more sleet than snow, but still... :o Apparently it's going to be worse on Sunday!

Went back home, had a very quick breakfast then drove out to Straiton to meet up with Lisa for Costco shopping. :) They had quite nice scrapbooking kits, but I didn't buy it - have to get my stash sorted as it is right now. Wasn't too sure about the Maple Syrup (price higher than I thought?), but got the pack of Halloumi, Chestnuts, Almonds, some nice choc brown boots (blame Lisa for that purchase!!) and 10 books of 1st class stamps. While in Costco I tried some Wonton soup with Shrimp, it was absolutely YUMMIE (LOVE Wonton Soup!!!) so bought a pack as well. :)

I actually wanted to go to Ikea afterwards but was a bit in a rush timewise and didn't have my Ikea Family card with me, so went straight to Sainsbury's to check for the Chai Latte I tried at Sharon's - no luck! :( So will have to order online I think.

Quick dash to the Inlaws to pick up the new Wolves Calendars and then went home, had lunch and finished one chapter of the book I was reading, "The Last Gospel" by David Gibbins - LOVE his books ("Atlantis" & "Crusaders Gold" were the first ones of the series).

Wanted to go to the gym but arm hurts a little from the flu shot (I usually get that, so am not worried), and my tummy is playing up so it's SAFER to stay at home.

Will finish the CJ now though which I have since AUGUST!! :o

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sharonfruit said...

We get our chai latte stuff in Waitrose. I've never seen it in Sainsburys, although they say they stock it. I can bring you some when I come up next weekend if you want? ;o)

S xx