Friday, 28 November 2008

Black Friday?

Thanks to Latharia and Heather for your comments. Heather, I'll try the master list at some point! :)

Weather outside is fine, but probably absolutely freezing. I haven't stepped outside yet.

Sportsters was quite good, although the games were lopsided opponents for game 1 & 2, didn't manage to stay up for game 3 (would have kicked off 1.30am our time I believe).

Whittled down my to do list for today ... We've got Sharon and Graeme coming up tonight and a table is booked for 6:30/6:45pm which will probably cut it fine, but it should be ok. :) Khublai Khan seems to become an annual feature whenever Sharon is coming up to visit her family & friends in Scotland this time of year.

  • Quick tidy of guest room
  • clean bathroom
  • hoover
  • ironing
  • Quick tidy of living room
  • wrap Sharon's present
  • gym
  • Pick up Doug from work
  • Pick up Sharon & Graeme
  • Khublai Khan

Kept it short to make sure I get it all done. :) If I have time to do other stuff then it's on to Wolves stuff....

1 comment:

Latharia said...

Okay, I give. What's Kublai Khan???! :D