Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Election Day

Weather is grey - not nice, considering we wanted to go to Aquatica in the morning/early afternoon. Our friend Mel has mixed up her flight dates as well, she's going back to UK today instead of tomorrow, so that was another change as we wanted to meet up at Aquatica again.

So - our plan for today is having a lazy morning (well.. it's 11:30am!), go shopping and then come back for a gym session and then watch Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert covering the election - maybe I can update my blog a bit during that time and maybe even start some stitching!! :)

Something that is bugging me a bit ... the QVC Channel in our hotel doesn't work. BIL confirmed that DH asked him to pay extra money for that to happen. LOL!!! Ah well... will have to check online for crafty programs! :D

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