Monday, 17 November 2008

Blogger Reader Cleanup

Have been whittling down my subscriptions ... had 155 on it, now only 105. Several are from people who don't blog regularly (Sharon!! Lisa!!! ;) ) and a couple of Flickr photo groups as well, so don't do the sharp intake of breath please. :)

Will probably go through them again soon, as I am spending far too much time reading blogs instead of updating my own or - shock horror - actually DO something crafty around here... :)

Just saw my Fantasy Football team on go up into winning position - currently 103 for my opponent (Colin, one of our Wolves Players) with no further players left to 99 points on my side... and I still have Chris Cooley going, one of the higher ranking TEs this year, although he wasn't too good in the last couple of games. In order to win I only need a TD really... and no negative yardage. :)

Might have to think about a new kicker though, as Dan Carpenter doesn't get much work apart from XPs, which just give me 1point each. :o Including some of my WRs ... :(

oh oh ... why am I still sitting at 91 points??? Hope they just haven't updated their website yet... because the Steelers Defense DEFINITELY had a fumble recovery and TD in the last minutes of the game!!!!

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sharonfruit said...

I know I'm a bad blogger, hun! I'm trying to figure out whether to keep the typepad blog or not as it's getting expensive due to the weak pound :o( I do like having the photo galleries though :o/
S xx