Thursday, 29 March 2007


Not my week really ... had nasty vice-clampy headaches (tension? Migraines?) Monday and it started again Tuesday.

Went to the scan for the cyst etc on Tuesday. Small cyst on the right ovary has gone, and the left one is down to 2cms, so it looks like I won't have another hospitalisation in April... ;) They are planning for me to do the next cycle from 5th May, depending on where I am on the NHS list.

THAT means that our holiday plans for end May/beginning of June are out of the window again, because I will start with the stims on 5th May (to be confirmed end of this week) and therefore will have to pop into the clinic twice a week for 2-3 weeks. And then is the EC & ET ... and depending on the quality of the embryos we're probably get blastocyst(5 day old embies instead of 2 days old) transfers. Was hoping to be on my "2WW" (2 week wait) for the holiday, but even then Doug won't let me go because he doesn't want to take away our chances. :(

Yesterday I had a vigorous culling in our pantry ... have chucked stuff out (and had the biggest row with Doug about that - why can I not make my own decisions about stuff? I am a grown woman and do most kitchen stuff anyway, for pete's sake!!!) and it looks now better and you can actually WALK INTO the small cabinet under the stairs again!!! ;) Still lots of stuff in it, and I have actually banned the chocolates and biscuits from the kitchen. They'll be in the spare bedroom under the bed!!! Far too tempting in the kitchen!!!!

Yes, that's another thing. I have to lose 2kg until 5 May (which shouldn't be a problem really) so my BMI is 32. I know, that sounds as if I am FAT as hell, but I am not!! That's the thing that's bugging me. BMI is sooooo outdated, they should use the clamp thingy for body fat!!! If I weren't so ... mmmh... well endowed (LOL) I am sure I would be definitely a BMI 30 or less!!! ;)

So today I am taking it slow ... I've put out my back yesterday somehow, left lumbar area, but not the spine ... hurts annoyingly, so I am taking ibuprofen for it ... last thing I want to get is an injection!!! But I will mention it to my Voodoo Master (aka Julia, the acupuncturist) tomorrow.
Feeling like an old lady, limping about ... and staying in one position (sitting, lying etc) seems to seize it up, so I am off for a swim in a few minutes, just to see how I get there (and because Chip told me so! ;) Listen to a PT!!).

Chip's had a sick family since Friday (with flu etc) so is taking a week out from doing work here - I wouldn't want him to be up in the loft with the glass wool if he caught a cold anyway.

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Anam_Kihaku said...

*hugs** sending you every single positive vibe si can send. thinking of you lots.