Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Feeling off ...

Had drumming headaches on Monday and a bit on Tuesday, today I feel as if I've pulled my glutes... not nice! :( Haven't been to the gym since Sunday and just feel "OFF" ... not sure if that's the "slump" of the Zolly, or just the weather, or whatever... :(

House improvement is getting along nicely, although there are lots of to and fro-ing from Chip getting more/correct materials as the "town houses" here seem to have been dealt with at not 100% good standard. Our en-suite looks like a single optical illusion. Got the 2nd door on the vanity chest, and Chip's now upstairs trying to get rid of the tank (which he's done today ... and I really feared more than once that he'd be falling through the ceiling into the study at some point!). Flooring the loft is going on tomorrow I believe.

Got at least the CJ for the SBS Forum done and sent today ... really have to stick to doing my entries as soon as the new CJs arrive. :(

Going to see "Ghost Rider" tonight ... if I can survive sitting that long that is. We're trying to get our money's worth out of our annual cinema passes as we've only seen 3 movies this year - Eragon, The Illusionist and last Friday The Good Shepherd ... which I didn't get really at all.

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sharonfruit said...

Hope you feel better soon, hun!

I don't think Graeme and I have been to the cinema this year yet ;o)