Thursday, 22 March 2007

Ghost Rider ... and a lot of travelling around Edinburgh

Ok - suppose we HAD to see the movie "Ghost Rider", considering it's a comic book adaptation (from the worst ever comic book Doug said!) ... and I have to say it's SOOOO BAAAAD it's GOOD! :) So many times I have been sitting there, smirking at the script etc. Nawh, what a baaaad thing!! But suppose, whoever wants to see it, go for it ... you probably have to see it for yourself!! :D

The script is quite mixed up, there is a lot in there (e.g. the scene at the Saloon where the Hell's Angels went in) that could have been cut really. VERY GOOD SPECIAL EFFECTS, but it was very quick for Nicolas Cage to get used to the fact that he turns into a skeleton during nights that is on fire. Hohum!! And being the devil's bounty hunter and the going against him... weird. All in all ... didn't like the script, and was trying to keep a straight face most of the times ... which is not a good sign, unless it was meant to be a funny comedy movie!!!

Next week it's "Hot Fuzz" for us I think.

Due to problems with the loft floorboard wood Chip is going to do the outdoor tap and the back garden light (I decided I wanted a motion detector to keep the youths off!! And our old one is totally rusty and the light's burnt out) and hopefully he's back up in the loft on Monday.

We went to B&Q (Longstone & Murrayfield) and Homebase (Straiton) to get stuff for the tap ... quite a bit of travelling, but it was quite nice as we cut through areas in Edinburgh that I haven't seen or haven't been to in a while.

And at least I know now what type of loft ladder we'll get ... much better than just the normal house ladder (aluminium) we've got at the moment.

Think I got Doug's "man flu" coming on. :( Have a sniffle, and as I said yesterday already I am feeling "off"... cannot point my finger to it, but there's just something.

Had a moment of BLISS today ... went for a swim at Drum Brae, and the first 20 mins we had the deep end cordoned off for kids swimming, so there was lots of screaming and splashing about. But the last 5 minutes of my standard 1/2 hour swim I was ALL BY MYSELF!!! Apart from the pool guard that is, but can you imagine how great it is?? A 25m x 10m pool and you're the only one in it??? WOW!!!

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