Friday, 25 September 2009

T- 1/2 for BBXXIII

I don't know how and why, but whatever time we're leaving home, we always managed to get to Newcastle around 3 or 4pm ... and therefore getting stuck for a while on the bridge.  Usually, it's taking us 2 hours to get to Newcastle ... so we're now stumped how we managed 3 (!!)  hours this time ... surely we didn't have a 1-hr break at Berwick to get to Aldi and Morrisons???

That delay meant that we arrived with 1 hour delay at Doncaster - but at least this time we were still in time for the dinner. :)  This year's hotel was the Holiday Inn Express, with a pub/restaurant conveniently just across the car park. :)

We shared table with Mel, Chris H and Mark S and had lots of fun ... including Mel, Doug and me telling stories from last year's Orlando holiday. ;)

Main was good, dessert was "oomph" ... far too much ... thinly sliced Choc Mousse, but the height of that thing ... geesh! And it was sooo heavy (in the chocolate sense), I couldn't even finish it. :o   Ok, the main course was actually enough, shouldn't have gone for dessert at all... ;)

Too tired to do anything, so off to bed it is ... with early start tomorrow ... team  meeting at 9am... huuuuuh!! ;)

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