Thursday, 20 July 2006

"Cow Patrol"

DH and I had the Sunday off (i.e. no training with the Wolves) so we decided that we would finally go and do the "Cow Parade" ... or as many cows as we could get in that day. With the cows being located between Ocean Terminal in Leith and the Edinburgh Airport and The Gyle Shopping Centre we knew we wouldn't be able to get every one done.

With a little (???) delay we left the house at 1pm and decided to take the car instead of going by bus to get more cows on camera. We started off with "Pri-moo-la" at the Royal Botanics, which was just a quick "I jump out, get into the Gardens, search for cow, take picture, phone DH to pick me up again from the main entrance" thing... :) I have to admit that we had a couple of these "jump out of car - take pic - get back into car" over the day, specially as we took quite a while at Ocean Terminal.

We were amazed how mediteranean (sp?) Leith feels when the sun is out and it's hot. We "caught" some cows at Victoria Docks and felt like on holiday in Italy! :)

What I don't understand is why people think they have to vandalise these pieces of art - we had a couple of cows removed from their places (namely Hunter Square, The Meadows, Iona Street) who went to the "Cow Hospital" to get repaired. Shame that there was no hope of them being returned for the last week of the Cow Parade which finishes on 23rd July.

We also missed "Salty" (Saltire) which wasn't at the Parliament, which was a shame. However, we got most cows, think we didn't get to go to 2 (one in Prestonpans and the other at Queen Street) and missed in total 8 which had been removed. Not a bad result.

I caught the ones at the Airport and the Gyle yesterday and have now found out that "Fruit Smoothie" is actually inside the Lloyds TSB building so will send DH around tomorrow after work or during lunch to take a picture.

Here are the cows I took pictures of ... :)

I get a bit obsessed with them now ... and when DH and I found out that they have a Cow Parade in Boston we toyed with the idea of a longer weekend there (we loved Boston when we were there for part of our honeymoon) - but unfortunately DH can't take any holidays in August and the Cowparade finishes early September... ach well, maybe next time? But ... look at THESE cows!!!

I have signed up for the newsletter and maybe I can get to go to some more CowParades at some point. It seems to take over in Europe as well, there's currently a CowParade in Paris, Athens, Budapest, Telemark and Lisbon!


helen said...

Fanyastic photo's Kat....sounds like you had a fun day!


Joanne (Jantyannie) said...

Love the cows - never seen them in real life so must make an effort to hunt them out next year

Heather said...

Lovin your cow photos and story. I enjoyed seeing a Cow Parade in Salzburg ("Sound of Moo-sic" cow and all!) back in 2000.