Saturday, 8 July 2006

Movie/TV day

Today was all in the name of movies/TV series really .... we met Sharon and Graeme for Pizza (possibly our last bigger meet before they move down to London ... buuuhuuuuuu!!! :( ) at Pizza Hut as a thank you for them to man the Tuck Shop at Meadowbank ... and afterwards we went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead man's chest". Great movie, absolutely funny, and the ending definitely showing that they have filmed both 2 & 3 paralell... can't wait until next year to see the 3rd part (felt a bit like a TV series at the end ;) ).

Interesting what story you can make out of a Disney ride ... LOVED the dog with the keys again, and then at Tortuga the drunk man coming out of the well (that's soooo the ride!).

One of the crew on the ship who picked up Will Turner actually looked like our new headcoach ... LOL!!!

It was a fun day and we 4 thoroughly enjoyed it. Have to make sure to meet up with Sharon again before she leaves though. Have asked them to come with us to see "Superman Returns" next Friday but that's Sharon's Graduation night, so that's not happening.... :o

After doing our weekly shopping at Lidl and Tesco we came back to see the final "Doctor Who" episode from Series 2. What an episode!! I still try to figure out things about the whole DW concept (I haven't really seen it until they revived the series with Christopher Eccleston) so had to ask DH a couple of questions again.

But yeah, I was surprisingly sad at the ending. But at least Rose is together with her mum and dad - and I am sure if Billie Piper decides she wants to get back into DW the writers/directors will find a way for her to reappear.

And I should have learned from the end of series 1 that there is again a cliffhanger to keep us waiting until the Christmas episode... NOT FAIR!!! ;)

So .. now it's on to CSI NY and then ... maybe another episode of Battlestar Galactica?!?! Who knows ... :)

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