Sunday, 30 July 2006

I'm on a cleaning mission...

My Mutsch is coming on 23rd and at the moment our house is not fit for guests ... not at all!! Football stuff all over the place as well as paperwork!!

I'm on holiday this week and will tackle the house, so I just have to do routine cleaning until my Mutsch arrives.

Have started probably in the most "secret" spot - the master bedroom - but the messyness of it just got on my nerves. So I have spent 3 hours going through stuff and throwing things away/putting it in recycling bags.

3 hours in one go is not really what Flylady suggests, but I was on a roll... Clocking off from house duties for the day though (apart from doing the washing up after dinner).

May try to do some scrapping later ... just have to clear some space... (oops).

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