Monday, 24 July 2006

Scottish Summer 2006

... and I feel it this year very badly... :)

Coming originally from mainland Europe I am used to summer temperatures of 30 to 35 degrees ... no problem. Okay, we have outdoor pools and lakes in order to cope with the heat, but still.

Edinburgh's Summer this year is just a heat wave - we got 25 degrees on average for over a week now, and I am absolutely exhausted! Think I am living too long in this country already, coming up 8 (!!!) years in October. My goodness... is it really that long?!?!?!

Got so used to Scottish Summer of maybe 1 day approx 24 degrees and that's it... cannae cope with that "heat". My Mutsch reported 37 degrees in Germany - OMG, I think I'd probably DIE there now in that heat!!! Missing the outdoor pools/lakes though... :(

A friend in Canada has also 35 degrees ... in CANADA!!! Would you believe!!

So ... yes, my body has adapted to Scottish Weather ... quite a funny thing, isn't it? Wonder how the weather will be in August!


Joanne said...

I'm finding that a cold shower when I come in from work helps keep the temperature down. It is funny that we crave the hot weather and now its here its too hot :D - apparently August is to be hotter. x

sharonfruit said...

You wanna try being down here in London ;o) All the parks are scorched earth at the moment :o(

S xx