Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I'm a bad person!

Well... *I* personally don't think so, but my neighbour does!!! How DARE I tell her kid off for a) trampling in my front garden (ok, it has lots of weeds right now, but still!!) and b) playing with my outdoor tap (which is switched off at the mains)!!! HOW DARE I!!! So she gave me the evil eye - if looks could kill!!!

That woman is really driving me mental. If her kids (and adult members of the family) would respect other people's property (we own our house - they are renting only!!!) then that wouldn't be a problem. Considering her DH or whatever was stepping out of his car while I was loading ours and stepped into my garden (onto my heathers!) to get to their front door! Just because he's too lazy to walk around the car!! GRRRR!!! I really don't get it how people can do that, specially while I am in plain view of it!

What's WRONG with the world/mentality of people nowadays??? I mean, their kids (the youngest ones being around 4/5?) are outside playing at 9/10pm!!

Nearly took all the fun out of our trip to the cinema!! And when we got back I was getting subdued again. It's really weird how things like that tend to affect me after all, even though I think myself above it. :o

Oh ... cinema ... we went to see "Angels & Demons". I read the books, and have to say I prefer the movie over "The Da Vinci Code". But the books are better in both cases.

Other movies to be seen this week ... "Night at the Museum II" and "Terminator - Salvation".

And I think I'll HAVE to do the front garden and put a new mini-fence (we've got a wee wooden one - just about 4" height) in so the neighbours have a visual for where our property starts (well... the "visual" of our car space markings don't do the trick either... >:( ).

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sharonfruit said...

What you need to do is get some big nasty stinging nettles and plant them in your garden. They'll think twice about trampling through it then ;o)

S xx