Monday, 22 June 2009


(imagine me doing the "T" sign for the Refs)... :)

3 games in 3 weeks can drain the life out of you. Add to that a Junior tournament (i.e. 3 games in one day, but obviously shorter than senior games) and an impaled leg, 3x sunburn/sun strokes and that's about that. :o


My face is totally red, my legs were jelly yesterday after the game and for whatever reason my bad leg compensates for the pulling skin in front with sore calf muscles at the end of the day!

Would all feel better if we'd actually won yesterday ... or not lost at such a small margin/with just seconds in the game. :o

Well... so I decided to take TIME OUT today ... no housework (will do stuff tomorrow). I am currently catching up with SKY+ series and want to do some scrapping later. The only thing I do "work wise" will be sending some e-mails for the Wolves and scan/e-mail the roster sheets. Plus checking on Paulie's jersey...

...We decided to play in white yesterday due to the hot weather and the fact we managed to print the spare jerseys and had now enough numbers. Last season we hardly wore the "away" jerseys so they are in better knick than our "home" jerseys (cardinal red). And what happened yesterday, with the first day in the white jerseys this season??? Paulie got some small scab pulled off by a defensive player during the game and while it was very small wound on his elbow it was bleeding all over the place ... including on the WHITE jersey!! :o So that's soaking since yesterday in a bucket of cold water with washing powder ... wonder if I have to resort to bleach.... :o

Yesterday was a game day of little niggles - I don't think I've ever put so many small plasters on small wounds and handed out ice bags for small scraped knuckles etc. Really weird!!! :o Fortunately only one bigger injury (touch wood) and hopefully that player will be better in time for the next game on 4th July.

The coming weekend will be football on Junior & Youth level for me ... Junior tournament in Glasgow on Saturday (with hopefully some wins this time) and on Sunday it's the Forth Valley Fusion vs. Gateshead Senators - and I will go over to Fife to see my ex-Juniors play ... after I missed them playing at Meadowbank at our first home game!!!

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Heather said...

Great match photo of yours on the Evening News website. (

And blast from the past to see your 'Inselaeffchen' user name. I Googled it and found this:

"Some Germans call those of us from Ireland or Great Britain "Inselaffen"; island apes or monkeys. A few years ago a good friend of mine started called me Inselaeffchen- little island monkey and it captured a lot of what it meant for me to be living in Germany"