Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Medical day...

Well.. you could say that. First a check up with the nurse regarding the leg who said the wound seems to heal nicely (a bit pink is normal because of leucocytes doing their job!), but she also suggested I self certificate this week as I get pain when I am sitting longer than 3 hours in a chair at a desk. Next check up Thursday.

And then it was dentist check up (a couple of months late, but still a quick 10 mins only!). :)

Have been doing again a day of Wolves work, so that should be out of the way now. Hoping to spend some of my sitting down time to do some scrapping. :) Planning a couple of pages already. :)

Below are update photos on the wound and 2 pics of the "culprit".
leg has "folds" as I had been using the Cryo Cuff (thighs - don't have a calf one) (pic taken on Saturday).

I am not sure which "spike" it was but I think it's the big one ... no traces of blood or flesh anywhere on that blimming thing!!!

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