Saturday, 20 June 2009

Crop Day!

Today was crop day - and the first time I had to use our own key and code for the church! :) Everything went fine though, didn't set the alarm off. :)

I even managed to print off photos for the Chinese Whisper - but forgot the patterned paper and even had to borrow lime green card stock from Lisa (ok ... didn't really think it through ... give you that!). I printed some photos from the Hull game as well to do some inroads with the Wolves layouts  ... but didn't plan that either, and a couple of the photos were not printed nicely (I need to replace printer cartridges) and in the wrong size ... so I didn't really scrap today.

However, I managed to do 2 cards and the "One Stamp Swap" (some people in the crop decided on a stamp (but every single one I received so far was more than 1 stamp - either individual stamps or stamp sets), created something (card, mini layout blank etc.) and passed the stamp on to the next person. It's designed for stamps where you don't know what to do with it (like my Charles Rennie MacIntosh stamp - I don't like Rennie MacIntosh stuff, but thought it's a versatile stamp for cards for OTHERS). 

BILD0062This month's stamp set was from Elaine - cats. Her plan was to make a mini-album for her sister for pictures of her cat - it should have a "peek-a-boo" section for photos, so I used a library file tag. BILD0063





The other 2 cards were for a friend of mine who's undergone knee surgery this week and a father's day card for my FIL (I *think* Father's day in Germany is next week Thursday... :o  ). BILD0064









The crop itself was very quiet today - we were only 9 people out of the usual 16. Several call offs.  I kinda expect the same turnout next month due to summer holidays.

As for the Chinese Whisper - I am planning on finishing it on Monday. But of course I cannot show it to you as it's a secret until the swap is finished.  :)


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Tonje said...

Nice cards, Kat. Those cats are very cute.