Thursday, 4 June 2009

Voting Day - and feeling better

After a quite painful night - I can only sleep on the side so had to shuffle about to be more or less comfortable and also needed to use the "body pillow" to make sure Doug doesn't get onto the wound while sleeping - I'm actually feeling better than yesterday. Pain on the shin is really fairly low, which surprises me. The pain in the Gastrocnemius and Soleus are bad though and keep me from walking fully weight bearing. Add to that the sore muscles from the gardening work in my hamstrings and the calves ...

So I am not feeling 100% (obviously, considering the doc at A&E said I should keep the leg up and I've been already up and walking/hobbling around) but I'm getting there I think. And so far I survived without painkillers, but I think I need to take some for the night again.

Managed to hobble to the poll station - which is normally only 5 mins away but we had to take the car around to a car park as I didn't even WANT to consider walking the (granted, short!) way. Managed to pop into the Doctor's as well, was seen by the nurse who said I don't need anything special to clean the wound.

As for voting - it's quite interesting that you are only allowed to vote for a party, but not for the individual in the party who you want to represent your country in the European Parliament. Can't remember voting for the European Parliament, so not sure if it was different in Germany.

And now showing you the injury ... I didn't have a camera at hand yesterday to take a pic of the open wound... ;) Scrappers are really weirdos sometimes, right? ;)

We think the spike went still up to about the lower edge of the photo ... I'm surprised that I don't have a nasty bruise yet, but that's probably coming soon.


Dörte said...

oh ... ich hab ja gestern nur beim lesen schon mitgelitten - aber das Foto ... KRASS !! Ich wünsch dir ganz baldige gute Besserung !!!

Lynz said...

Pet lamb! Owee! *winces* That's going to be a lovely scar and all in the name of gardening, that most gentle of pursuits. Hope it's feeling a bit better now!