Friday, 26 June 2009

Not my week really...

I haven't felt like scrapping/crafting at all ... 2 CJs to be dealt with, plus my Chinese Whisper (needs to be done today or tomorrow!! Already a week late!).

Had a check up scan on Tuesday to see if my cyst behaves ... well... let's just say ... it doesn't!! The "usual" is blown back up to 6cm diameter, and on top of that I've got a medium and small size one as well. All 3 on the right ... as usual. :( Not sure what the plan is, as the big one cannot be dealt with another round of Zolly ... the small ones would work, but the big one needs either draining (usual procedure) or removal, which the senior consultant is not too keen of because of the risks involved - but he wasn't available for the scan, so I don't know what the plans are. Don't fancy being rushed to ward 210 again though ... but fortunately no major pain right now.

And on Wednesday on the way from the bus stop to work I think I pulled the gastrocnemius in my bad leg ... wonder if that's because of compensation for the injury in the first place??? Feeling ok right now though.

Good things - had another meet up with Aisha at Chocolate Soup, this time Doug and Wombat joined us as well. Really like the 2, shame they're only here for 2 years... Just my luck! ;) Was a lot of Football Talk (sorry, Aish!!) but at least that's not the only topic we can talk about. ;)

Weekend is very busy ... tonight is Poker Night at Dave & Nikki II (LOL) - we're just going for the banter/PS3, neither of us is playing. Will be fun though. :)

Off to look into scrapping, and then it's dinner cooking time plus making a Chocolate Banana cake a la Jackie - one of our Juniors has birthday tomorrow. :)

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