Saturday, 6 June 2009

Junior Tournament #2

Today was the Junior Tournament @ Clyde Valley in Wishaw. The 2nd tournament out of 5 (we will only be attending 4 though).

As I was feeling ok on Friday I decided to drive through, take photos and see our new juniors play their next 3 games.

Weather was nice, and we had some travelling fans in Dave & Nikki who are already an institution since their nephew Cammy joined last year's squad. :)

We also had a personnel change as one of our other QBs was available this time, so the QB from last tournament was able to play RB and center again.

I grow to like this new's quite interesting to have a nearly new team as most of last year's players went either up to play Youth Football with the Forth Valley Fusion or disappeared from the sport altogether. Right now we only have 3 players from last year's squad, with another coming back after exams.

Long story short - we yet have to win a game, but we put scores on the board this time and held the Clyde Valley Falcons close in scores. I am sure that this gave the team a boost and the next tournament we hopefully will win our first game(s).

A couple of diamonds in the rough in the team - one of our WRs, Graham, is absolutely great, jumping in the air to catch the ball (and actually landing with control over the ball) - really would like to measure his vertical jump! On D we have a couple of good players too, including Calum Veitch, who won game MVP for the Wolves v Falcons game. Our RBs are doing good work as well, specially Conor - he is a wee speedy thing bouncing of the defence who reminds me of a combo of Magic and Stuey from the seniors. And of course our 3 "veterans", Mike, Dan & Cammy who are doing their best to step their game up.

All in all a good bunch of kids - and while we will lose a couple of players to the Fusion again in 2010 we will keep a bigger core group than this year.

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