Monday, 21 January 2008

Not so good a day...

Woke up with headache and pain behind my eyes ... I had that kind of pain as I cannot do anything about it really. Also developed sinusitis pain over the day so all my face hurts.

Had a couple of bouts crying around lunchtime (no more sad TV/Movies for me for a while!) and feel all in all crap. And that's no wonder!!!

My granny's funeral was today at 1pm ... felt weird not to be there, and while I know nobody will hold it against me/us I am still having a nagging feeling. Not really guilt, but something else. Hope that will change once we're going to my gran's grave in April to say our final goodbyes.

And then of course there is the other matter....

I never had someone personally (verbally) attacking me and the whole thing is a shock to my system. The worst thing is that the persons not even contacted me directly but had to drag my whole private life out in the open in a usually very nice community - provided you deduct a couple of petty vicious people obviously!!!

Again - I hope you are proud of yourself!!!

Wanted to do more scrapping today but obviously this doesn't work well with headaches. Maybe I'll get a layout done later tonight?

Have done some admin work instead for the Wolves.

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Heather said...

{hugs} Kat. I hope your head now feels better, and that you're able to do some scrapping tonight. I hope to get some done too!