Saturday, 12 January 2008

Time out...

"When the "Doug's" out of the house, the "Kat" is dancing on the table" ... :) Well... the saying actually goes "When the cat's out of the house, the mice are dancing on the table" (Ist die Katze aus dem Haus, tanzen die Maeuse auf dem Tisch) but it's just kinda "fitting". ;) DH has been off to Sheffield yesterday evening after work with our head coach to the BAFL Scheduling Meeting. The original plan was for me to go but then we decided to have a non-family member joining DH in case one or both of us have something coming up.

Soooo ... that was just perfect, as my best friend Sharon was in town for a conference and we managed to meet up twice!! :)

Yesterday I went up to the conference venue (Royal College of Surgeons) after I'd seen DH and HC off. It's a very nice building ... I love it that most of the buildings of the Universities in Edinburgh City Centre are old buildings. Sharon and I went out for dinner at Saffrani - yummie food, very friendly and attentive staff and good prices!! - the first time in about 6 years I've actually been to an Indian Restaurant. It's just FIL and I who eat spicier food in the family, but I think DH would like the dish Sharon had (Lamb Pasanda) and mine wasn't too spicy either - bit spicier than a Korma but about the same spicyness of our fajitas at home. We also had a bottle of white wine ... 2 larger glasses and I was away! :) Just cannot take alcohol anymore! ;)

Today we met at 1:30pm at the venue again and then went to meet our friends H & F at "Double Dutch". Didn't know the place, the last time I really had a good look at that building it was the Dutch China place. :) Had a nice hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows and a piece of lemon drizzle cake! YUMM!!!

And then Sharon and I went off to Jimmy Chungs for a late lunch/early dinner - at Waverley Station. Never been there before as it was always more expensive than the one on Grindlay Street ... and I think we'll prefer to not return to it. :) CHAV CENTRAL!!! Oh my god, it was really bad!! LOL. Less space as well for seating, and the food selection for the lunch buffet wasn't as varied as the other one either.

Seen Sharon off on the train to her parents (gosh, Waverley has been seeing more of me this weekend than in a long time!!) and now am back home, waiting for DH to let me know whether he needs to get picked up from the station later tonight.

Think I'll try to get my CJ entry done now ... REALLY have to send it off to Christina in Germany soon!!!

Oh ... and one of my New Year's Resolutions ... I want to have at least one holiday away with Sharon and her BF. Think that would be nice!!! For this year we hope to get to Berlin in April, but have to check how it works out with my Mutsch's birthday and the whole League Meeting/Games Schedule.

OOOOH... nearly forgot!!! Sharon gave me a veeeerrry useful and nice Christmas Present (and a very addictive Birthday present ... BAD GIRL!!! LOL ). This means my current favourite mug (nice one from Kefalonia) has to move over for this PERFECT MUG!!! :)

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