Tuesday, 1 January 2008

And now it's there ... 2008

We stayed up until 3am this morning!! The last few minutes of 2007 we spent switching between Jools Holland's Hootenanny and the Hogmanay Show. I sent texts to friends and then nearly missed midnight!!! :D

As we didn't have a chance to see the fireworks last year I took again a photo of the fireworks on TV (sad, I know... ;) ) and then hoped to see some fireworks going off at our neighbours ... but everything was dark & quiet. Wonder if they are in "hiding" like us from Hogmanay "revellers" and "First Footers"??

I dashed over into the study to get some shots of the official fireworks on Corstorphine Hill, but ... it was raining and the window was all blurry ... so I went back into the bedroom and then we saw fireworks going off just across the burn behind the block of flats. Lovely colours :) Fife looked like at war - eerie yellow/orangy lighting, fog and the sound of fireworks going off!!!

We then decided to watch "We Are Marshall" on DVD - the latest addition to our Gridiron DVD collection. It's a VERY good movie - even better than "Gridiron Gang" or "Remember the Titans". Based on a true story about Marshall University who lost their Football Team, Coaches, Teachers, Press and Fans in 1970 (plane crash - no survivors).

Jumping to today ... have been sleeping until 10:30am and then watched TV until about 1pm (they always show the "alten Kamellen" (don't ask me what the word in English is for that!!) on New Year's Day ... I watched "Pollyanna" and then "McLintock". ) then started clearing some space in the bedroom...
Did one layout from the Christmas Journal (and no, I am nowhere near catching up yet but will put some good use to Friday after some housework ;) ) and then it was time for dinner (leftovers from yesterday's Raclette). Did the washing up and when I switched on the dishwasher we got another error message ("E4" this time) from that blimming thing!!! DH and I agreed that we'll demand an exchange from Curry's. Maybe for a German dishwasher????? :o

I'll try another layout and then am off to bed for reading/TV at 9pm ... a colleague is going to pick me up around 7am tomorrow for work - It's Sunday Bus service and probably the only way for me to get to the other side of town.... :o

Oh - do I have any New Year Resolutions? NOT YET ... and I am not sure I will bother.... :(

Today's layout was prompt 18 - "Christmas Dinner"

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Heather said...

"We are Marshall" sounds like a tear-jerker!

Sounds like you've had some fun time and some productive time.

Good luck continuing with the journal.