Monday, 28 January 2008

Where has it gone??

It's 28 January ... can you imagine? Where has the month gone? I am sure New Year's Eve was only last week??? LOL.

Still not feeling 100%, got cramps and a little headache to boot. Hope the cyst is behaving though, really don't fancy a trip to the hospital again. :(

Lots of things to do today ... and because of how I am feeling I just don't get in gear. So I am making it easy for me today. :)

1) 2 Dark Washes
2) 1 hour ironing
3) 15 mins stepper (as I am not up for Gym today)
4) Put away DVDs (DHs Christmas Presents and the ones we've pulled out for the festive season, as the tree is standing in front of the book case where they are usually stored)
5) 30 mins bedroom tidy
6) change bedlinen
7) Washing up

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