Friday, 4 January 2008

No more snow ...

was nice while it lasted ... :( But despite the weather forecast we didn't have snow last night or today ... had a bit of rain though, and I am pretty sure the lovely white is all gone now (it's too dark to see anything outside).

My photos from 2007 show that there is a chance of more snow end of January/beginning of February though. :D

Have been doing lots of housework today and then spending the rest of the afternoon sending out team e-mails to lots of players (current and lapsed). And the last 2 hours I played in Photoshop creating my banner above ... and catching up on other Blogs.

Tomorrow we'll be off to the Post Office (I had a card through the door today dated YESTERDAY - why don't they try to deliver the parcel again if they deliver the card 1 day late????!) to pick up a parcel and kick up a stink!!! Then going to Stamper's Grove and afterwards to cinema? And then it's PC helpdesk for the inlaws. Think I'll take my Cross Stitching with me. :)

Off to bed now I think ... those 2 mornings getting up at 6am were a bit hard on my system ... Quite liked the fact of leaving work around 3pm though. DOUBT that I will install that as a New Year's Aspiration though. :o

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Lisa said...

love the new look to your blog Kat xx