Monday, 7 January 2008

Not again!!!

totally exhausted - DH found a flour moth again (really wonder which shops have contaminated packs of whatever???) so I've been spending 4 hours wrapping stuff in cling film, hoovering the pantry, washing the shelves in the pantry and going through stuff and chucking "contaminated" food (and out of date things that escaped my last inspection) out.

Then I went to Tesco, got some glass jars for the cabinet to put bulgur wheat, millet, couscous and aborio (risotto) rice in.

Then I spent 3 hours taking the Christmas stuff down (didn't have time yesterday) and then I did the cooking for dinner tomorrow (won't be home until around 9pm) and our work lunches.


Doesn't help that I have currently a blinking cold that doesn't come out 100%!! :(

Really wanted to take today "off" to do crafts but ... priorities first. Will DEFFO do scrapping and that Circle Journal entry for Christina on Thursday.

My legs are killing me ... off to have a lie down on the bed and watching TV.

PS: Lis - thanks for your comment on my new layout! :)

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