Thursday, 3 January 2008

It's snow - and a word of warning!!

WOWEE ... It was snowing on and off today while I was at work ... and during the bus trip home. Lovely, but the snow is very wet so I doubt it will be still there tomorrow... although they are promising more snow and high winds for tomorrow and Saturday ... :) We'll see. Just LOVE snow! :) And we just don't get enough of that white stuff in Edinburgh.

Isn't that pretty? It's the view of Arthur's Seat from my office. :) Even if I don't like the 1-hour-trek by bus each way to and from work and don't like the building and huge open plan office ... but the view now that we're back on the 3rd floor is just STUNNING!!! :D

Thought it was starting to rain just now ... but nooooo!!! MORE SNOW!!! :D

Now on a more serious note... My laptop's hard drive packed in yesterday ... only with a bit of fiddling about and an emergency CD were we able to get most files off and onto our external HDD we bought this year. I've lost a couple of photos, including all BIG file photos from my trip to London in September visiting Sharon - fortunately I did the resize for them to use them on my blog, so I still have big enough files to print 5x7 without grainy or pixelated pics!! We did not back up the files during the 1 1/4 years we had the laptop.

So whatever you do .... BACK UP YOUR FILES PERIODICALLY!!! BURN YOUR PHOTOS ON DISCS (more than 1 copy and maybe onto another Hard drive as well)!!!

Don't go through the scare we had yesterday (and a very on edge DH and myself not feeling better!!)!!!

Right ... I am off to write some e-mails and then ... guess what I'll be doing .... BACKING UP ***ALL*** MY PHOTOS FROM THE BIG PC!!!!

The laptop is being picked up tomorrow by courier (don't you just LOVE German efficiency - it's a TARGA notebook from Lidl!) and I'll get it back in probably 2 weeks.

In comparison - we still don't know when the repair guy for the dishwasher will turn up again!!!

And there it goes again ... our things break in threes (portable DVD Player, dishwasher, my laptop) - at least that should be it for a while!! ;o

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