Friday, 25 January 2008

Weekend again??

Geesh, the time just FLIES right now, doesn't it?

Not feeling too good today, the "witch" turned up and I got cramps and back pain. Using my new TENS machine right now for it though so it's bearable. Shame I cannot use this for migraine headaches (not allowed to put the pads on the skull) but may try them on tension headaches for my trapezius.

Need to get the living room a little tidied today as Alan is coming tomorrow before he's "swaning" off to Japan for a year. AMAZING! One year teaching English in Japan. WOW! I just managed a quick "hop over the canal". :D

Else ... weather outside is shite ... gales and rain .. whoo hoo :( Hopefully I find some time to look into my next CJ (for another German Forum, as the SBS has disappeared in the ether due to some server problem :( ) - topic "Lieblingsrezepte" (favourite recipes).

I also have to get Wolves Admin stuff done today...

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Anonymous said...

How do you find the Tens Machine?