Sunday, 24 July 2011

In 3 days…

we’re possibly parents.

Could just let that stand like it, mmmh? I suspect that they’re wanting us to arrive in the morning at the hospital so that we can get the pre-OP stuff done and then hoping for no emergency sections to come in, but confirmation of the timings will be tomorrow morning, when we have our last scan (double check the site of the previously low-lying placenta) and pre-OP bloods.

It’s just scary how quickly time flew by, given that we probably would have expected natural delivery in about 2 weeks anyway.  Still feeling like someone is going to tell me on Wednesday morning that it all was a “Dallas” moment, and that it was all a dream – despite the big bump and the joint pains I got over the last months.

As for the house, we’ll get there. So that’s good. Hospital bags for me and the twinnies are packed and ready to go into the car (we’ll keep them in there from tomorrow, “just in case” I have to rush in early, but I don’t think so. The girls behave so far, even though twin 2 is squirming a lot (that’s the bigger one, and she got more space – from the last scan @ 33 weeks she’s been lying a bit transverse and like part of the Yin & Yang sign – she’s lying up high on my stomach, and I feel a lot of elbows/head/bum moving about from her.  The smaller one has settled in starter position already, although I sometimes feel her head (? that’s what it was at the last scan at least) pressing down in the pelvic on the right hand side, which doesn’t help with the joint pains.

Another bad thing at the moment is lots of swelling of my feet!! My Friday was a lot of being up and about, first I was at my Twin Group (last visit without twinnies!! ;) ), met up with the inlaws for shopping exchange, then had lunch with my friend Nikki at McCowan’s before watching “Bridesmaids” at the cinema.

After that it was a quick trip to Lidl to get some of the small juice cartons for me for the hospital stay, home to put the ice cream into the freezer and back out to watch “Cars 2” with part of the “Geek Squad” and DH and a pint of soda & lime afterwards to meet Susan (part of the squad) whom I hadn’t seen in ages because of her work.

So … with that busy day my feet looked like this in the evening….


Elephant feet!! Had a foot bath and feet up most day yesterday and the swelling seems to have gone down quite a bit at least. Phew!

Really don’t need that again and I hope water retention is one of the pregnancy side effects that is going away quickly!!!

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Joanne said...

So excited for you and Doug will be praying everything goes smoothly.