Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Only few photos of pregnancy

Yup… am a bad scrapbooker … I had planned to take weekly or at least monthly bump photos … that never really happened. Could blame DH for that as it’s really not easy to take pics by yourself with a growing bump, could blame the untidy bedroom (which only now is taking shape for the twinnies arrival) which is the only room with floor length mirrors. I could blame my friend Pauline who wanted to take bump pics but somehow life always got in the way for both of us.

So – despite this pregnancy being about 90% the only one I’ll be going through, I just have to live with it. That’s it. Full stop.

So far there’s a total of 4 bump photos, of which 2 are not the most flattering ones (I realised that bump photos are best done with a naked bump – clothing just makes me look fat… Surprised smile ).  But hey … here they are:


That’s the first pic – me in April (at 22 weeks) 
with my step mum after our nice day out close to
Mainz at a very good restaurant in a converted
As you can see, that was still the time where 
bump was smaller than chest.  Winking smile  What
annoys me a bit is that if you’d see me from the
front or the back you even wouldn’t notice that I
am pregnant, as I really lost weight around the
waist from before being pregnant!!


IMGP5132The second photo was taken after our pre – Father’s Day meal for FIL at The Chanter (very good food btw!).

Can you say UCKKKH??? Not the most flattering photo of me, not the most flattering top and all in all it just looks … well, I don’t like it.

But I suppose, it’s part of the pregnancy, so I’ll just include it here (and I will include it on a scrapbook layout, too.

And today I finally managed to take a couple of photos in the mirror, with naked bump, and I really prefer them to the two above, although they show stretch marks and the bedroom is still in the process of last tidying.



I hope I’ll get more photos done in the next 2 weeks before the twinnies are arriving on the 27th – just because.

And yes – I am still feeling a bit bad that I’ve not taken enough photos of the bump throughout the pregnancy. Something I probably won’t be able to undo again unless we decide to go for another IVF attempt later on, but both DH and I decided so far that we only will do that if medical research can promise us a boy the next time – which they won’t be able to.

But you never know – there are lots of twin mums in my twin group who have another child after twins, and even one of the twin mums from EFREC is currently getting ready for another treatment run. I would say – ask me in a couple of years again! :D


Joanne said...

Loving the bump photos, pregnancy looks good on you honey :)

Laury438 said...

AWWW.... You look great..sweet pics..

Mel said...

Heeeey great!! :-)
Thank you for the pics!
Really nice twin bump! :-)))

sharonfruit said...

You look amazing, hun! It makes it so much more real to me seeing the photographic evidence! S xx