Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Week 35 & T=minus 6 days

That came earlier than expected!! Ok, ok, it’s on average 2 weeks early anyway (we’d probably expected the twins around week 38 if we’d planned a natural birth), but still… I really wonder where the months May & June have disappeared to??

Apart from the odd heartburn I’m doing ok. Well… no, not really. Joint pains (pelvic girdle, symphysis pubis, finger joints!) are getting worse, and now that the days/nights are getting warmer and more muggy, it’s really annoying that I have the oscillating tower fan on and yet my pelvic girdle joint is shouting out for a wheat pack!

The bump is getting bigger, and there seems to be not much space for the twins to move around. I can feel twin 2 move much more (it’s the bigger one – she is lying transverse-ish again as per last scan), while twin 1 is already lying in the starting position with head down. I have to take a couple more photos of the bump before next Wednesday really … and hopefully I’ll get a funny video of a morphing bump as well… might need DH to step in for that one mind.

Despite all of the above it still doesn’t feel quite real – I can’t believe that the IVF run has worked this time, and then with a double result as well!! I’m feeling like I’m going to wake up on Wednesday and someone will tell me that the last 7 months were all a dream. How come I still can’t get it in my head that next week around this time I’m most likely to be a mum-of-2 ? Apart from being petrified of that prospect, of course. Winking smile Because you’re never prepared for babies until they arrived, or so I was told.

We are probably not too bad with preparation. Got everything the twins will need in the first 6 months, specially with my mum’s parcel #1 being delivered to our neighbours yesterday, which was the only thing I was really still looking for – a twins feeding pillow from TwinsUK.

The master bedroom still needs last touches done (chest of drawers for the twins clothes to be put together) and the mattresses for the moses baskets needs their disinfection treatment, but that’s it.

And then we’ll have some time until they’ll be moving into the nursery, which will be ready by the time they’re ready to move – I just have to sort through a lot of craft stuff, but in the worst case I’ll just put it into boxes for the time being! Open-mouthed smile

Lots of friends are still wondering if they are going to see me/us before D-day, but right now I feel like I’d rather stay at home and get things done, so sorry – you’re most likely to see us at some point with the girls.

Right … that’s my thoughts for the moment … will go over to the study/craft room for more decluttering after “Without a trace”.

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