Sunday, 12 January 2014

OMG OMG OMG–Another Fangirl Moment!! ;)

I have been following the STARZ production/filming of the book “Outlander” from Diana Gabaldon veeery closely. Smile And since 12am there’s a live stream online from a Fan Event in LA – and I had several stones thrown into my way to watch it already! First of all, I’m TIRED! Second – my NEW phone does not support Flash, Third my PC does not do Audio … and then the stream didn’t start on my laptop after I took it to the bedroom.

But finally the live stream is working … and I missed the first trailer!!!! ARrrrrggghhh!!! Thanks to twitter though I found out it’s on Youtube already … and watching it … gosh, I cannae wait!! Have to find out who will show the Series in the UK. And apparently there are already plans to film the second book, too!! (1 Season per book – apart from the bigger books).

Now … here’s the trailer…

And I have to say … Sam Heughan’s voice is verra nice! Winking smile Shame Dougal (Graham MacTavish) isnae there.

So… off to check twitter, and further watch the live stream. Smile

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Peggy Hoffman said...

Kat I was OMGing too! I'm so glad I decided to go the event. I usually don't participate in that type of thing since the idea of driving into downtown Los Angeles is rather daunting. Aside from a bit of miscommunication about where to line up for admittance, it was great fun and yes Sam does have a lovely accent! Can't wait to see the series, I will be subscribing to Starz as soon as they have a firm release date.