Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A few crafts from Q4 2013

I HAVE been doing some crafts in the last quarter of 2013. Not as many paper crafts, which I always thought as my “go to crafts”. Some were swaps, some were presents.

My first attempt at purling as well as knitting – loving the pattern, miscounted rows / stitches though, so will unravel and try again. Also have future plans for some things using those patterns… They are from “holynarf” on Ravelry.
2013-09-25 23.15.52

Some hats I knitted for the “Big Knit 2013”. Never managed to buy an innocent smoothie with a hat myself though, shame really! Sad smile Definitely will knit more this year. Smile
2013-10-31 12.25.49

My tags for the Christmas Tag swap at the Edinburgh Crop
2013-11-05 20.35.312013-11-05 20.35.22

A crocheted Dalek egg cozy which I transformed into a plushie. Have to improve my bobble-stitch mind (first time I ever stitched those). Another pattern from Ravelry.
2013-11-18 22.45.20

Some Halloween “Ephemera” and a Candy corn hat for a Halloween Swap on Craftster (currently my favourite craft forum)
Candy CornIMG_0011IMG_0010

A Mug rug for a swap on a FB Sewing group (my first mug rug and first ever pocket!)
2013-11-20 15.59.07

My pennants for the Christmas Banner swap at the Edinburgh Crop (everyone was allocated a letter, and then colour schemes were agreed).
2013-11-16 15.35.122013-11-16 15.35.06

The only handmade Christmas card this year – for my BF Sharon. Smile
2013-12-17 11.21.142013-12-17 11.21.05

Some “stash busting” thanks to Pinterest – Christmas presents for friends, BIL and hubby.
2013-12-20 21.16.362013-12-20 21.16.232013-12-20 21.16.11021

Two more mug rugs, presents for MIL and Hubby (BIG Ted Kord – Blue Beetle – fan, and as DC doesn’t provide ANY items for this character I think I will be crafting more than my share for that! Winking smile
Christmas RugTed Kord Mug Rug

Oh, and last but not least – my favourite mug rug so far! Double sided one, for a geeky swap on Craftster. Smile One side dedicated to Loki (incl. freehand embroidery while having a "pattern" on the laptop) and the other to the 9th Doctor. Smile

Have been pinning a lot already for future projects, now just need time and “conviction” to start doing something!! Winking smile

As for JYC 2013 … due to the Adamson Manor having the lurgy over Christmas period it didn’t happen. That’s my excuse and I stick to it! Winking smile I’ll probably post some back dated posts for some (all?) prompts and then do (pages for) the album whenever I feel like it. Best not stress about it.

Onwards and upwards with crafts … have a couple of new things I want to try in 2014, too! Open-mouthed smile

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