Thursday, 13 August 2015

Musing/planning the future..

Ok.. not the most inspired title for the blog entry today, I admit. But I'm still a bit tired, and brain's still not 100% back to working order (lingering migraine since Tuesday). So that's my excuse, and I'll stick to it. ;) 

Well... the Hobbitses will start pre-school nursery a week today. And that means I have 1 more year to look into part time work for myself to fund holidays for us (and my crafts, I suppose). 

Sooo ... in a dash of madness I decided yesterday after Body Balance to look at some of the job sites online. Just out of interest. 

My CV mostly shows Customer Service... in telecoms and Finance. Joy! Some rebellious voice in my head screams against going back to either field, and even is against going back into admin. 

Now ... that little rebellious voice wants to do something more creative. Or something in the medical field / research. For that, admin would be allowed again. ;) Or working at a school/university (but most unlikely teaching ... don't think I'd be cut out for that, after my experience with nursery kids when I was helping out with the nursery library, last year). Or working in the leisure industry. Or in a library. Or a museum. 

There's obviously the suggestion from hubby to dust off my Sports Therapy books, look into the rules with Sports Rehab & Education for a re-sit etc (there were mumblings in 2010 that everything would go through colleges/uni courses only in a couple of years), But then ... is it financial viable for me if I have to pay for insurance? Maybe only if I find work at a Physio or so? 

Doesn't help that as older mum (no ... I'm not "mature" .. LOL!), so my age is against me there. And the fact that I want to work part time, around the girls' school hours... 

.... and that is when the little rebellious voice in my head is getting quieter, and my mind just gives up and resigns and prepares itself that I'll be back working as admin or customer service in the big industries. 

I'm actually quite scared to put myself out there on the job market. Never was good in selling my job qualities... :o  


sharonfruit said...

Big *hugz* hun! It is really difficult to get out there and market yourself, and very few people feel comfortable doing it. I hate to say it, but it does get easier with more practice. I'd be happy to help you with CVs, applications etc, so feel free to give me a shout when you've got more of an idea what you want to do. S xx

Joanne said...

Sending hugs and positive vibes hope you find a middle ground you can work with xxx