Friday, 5 January 2007

Sinusitis and a little movie review...

No headaches today but my face hurts ... feels like a sinusitis coming on ... could really do without them - have about 2-4 each year! :(

Cinema yesterday was a little weird .... I know that some of the reviews were really bad, but apparently it was the SCRIPT and not the books itself ... bad adaptation. DH was in fits nearly all through the movie and I cracked up a couple of times as well... Let's face it: The movie is a mix of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings!!! Plus a little "Dragonheart" added. DH had lots of workmates saying that the books are much better.

And why did they have to cast Robert Carlyle as Durza (the King's wizard/magician)???? I didn't recognise him at all - lots of facial prostetics, so they really could have casted anyone!!

And sorry, but Rachel Weisz does not get clooooose to Sean Connery as Dragon!!! :)

Well... off to do some more studying ... taking it this time the interactive way on the web.


Kate said...

No offense but i thought Rachel Weisz did a better job than Sean Connery as a dragon. Unfortuntaly, the movie was not very good and Rachel Weisz's voice over was the real sense of acting this film had.

sharonfruit said...

Hmmmm, so I'll be avoiding Eragon at the cinema then ;o)