Monday, 15 January 2007

ERI, Sharon...and back to ERI???!!!!

Got up today, did a bit of cleaning around the house, cooked the "Letcho" (something like "pepperonata", but Hungarian) and then took the bus into town to meet up with DH to go to ERI (Edinburgh Royal Infirmary) for our follow up talk. All went well, we had a doctor whom we never had but he's nice and gives more information than our main consultant. He confirmed that my Endo is severe and suggested I have a follow up scan on 13/2 to see if I should stay a bit longer on the Zolly or if we can go ahead with the next cycle. Apparently we're now coming to the top of the NHS funding list, probably around 8-12 months. Now we have to consider if we want to go ahead with another self funded cycle in the next 3-6 months (depending on the scan of course) or if we want to wait until we're getting NHS funding. We've 2 NHS cycles left, and if we'd go for a self funded one that would leave us with only 1. But I believe that if you had one "fresh" cycle on NHS they can make you do a "frozen" cycle with the next one. So is it worth it to wait? It would help with the weight loss, but what if we fall back into bad habits? Waiting for longer would mean we could go on holiday ... Sooo many questions!!!!

Met with Sharon at the Chocolate soup (who were out of squishy cream :( ), I had a nice White choc ... Yumm!! Sharon gave me some belated birthday presents (Yankee Candles!! Perfect!!! And a bird seed/nut feeder in the shape of a sunflower... and some choccies!! TAAA!) and we had a good natter about things. Then we went to St. James' centre as I had read on our Crop thread on UKS that either John Lewis or Jenners was having a sale in their craft section as they are going to get rid of it. Was in the end Jenners (which I could have guessed ... they were taken over by House of Fraser who don't have a craft section). They had a couple of things "of interest" for me, but not for the prices they have them "in sale" for. Maybe later??? :)

Once home I gave Sharon the full tour of the house (she's never been!!!) and then finished cooking dinner (chicken breasts, letcho and rice .. nice and easy!). Had a nice talk in the living room on the runner up to "Panorama" about that London Doctor doing IVF etc. ... and suddenly I had nasty stomach pain!!! Went upstairs to the loo which didn't help, nearly doubled over because of the pain and went upstairs for a lie down. Hot pack didn't help, neither did Ibuprofen (I was told last time to take for tummy probs). Sharon came upstairs and watched "Medium" with me while DH stayed in the PC room to get football stuff done. Suddenly I felt sick and sent Sharon out (don't like it when people are around when I am "hugging the bucket/toilet"). Was hoping that this would help but ... no. So I told DH to phone NHS24 who made an "Out of Hours" appointment at the Western General for us at 11:30pm. DH packed a quick overnight bag, gave Sharon instructions how to lock the front door etc. and then we left for the hospital. Quick check showed swollen parts in lower tummy and of course my muscles were in the way to prod about (why do they always tell you to "RELAX" when they know fine well that you CAN'T!!!). The doc then referred me to (my well known) ward 210 at ERI as the WGH doesn't have a gynae ward!!! She was confused why NHS24 sent us here in the first place.

Arrived in ward 210 at about 12:30pm after an agonising drive through Edinburgh (how come there are soooo many bumps on the road!!!??) and I got the full tummy prodding, taking a smear and blood pressure/temperature stuff again, and of course they need blood... which nicely enough worked the first time like a treat!!! At around 1:30pm decision was made for me to stay overnight at least, and I made DH go home as he looked more tired than me!! And then... horrayyy!!! I needed to get a venule/canula in case I needed an IV (drip)!!! I always like that one ... "A little sharp scratch..." "mmmh... nothing there" ..."Mmmh... I thought I got one" ..."There it is where has it gone???" To put it mildly ... my veins aren't the best! ;) It took the doctor 5 attempts all over on both arms to get the canula in until she admitted defeat and 3 attempts for the anaesthetist to finally get that needle into my hand!!!

At about 2am I got into my bed in the ward and slept (after yet more blood pressure and temp check) for about 2 hrs when I was woken by one of the surgeons (gosh, that boy looked younger or max my age!!! Fairly good looking surgeon as well... I am getting ooooold!!!) who started the whole prodding again ... and then even had to put his fingers in my bum to rule out appendicitis!!! Now, how would that make YOU feel? ?!! Didn't even know that that is a medical way of checking it!! Even worse that he looked like one of our ex-players!! He kinda ruled the appendicitis out though, and I then slept again until the next blood pressure/temp/pulse check at 6:30am.

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