Sunday, 7 January 2007

Well... of course not!!!

That's my answer to anyone going to ask me if I got any scrapping done between my last post and now... ;) Had to catch up with the forums, and then reading my "Google Reader" (for blogs) and then took a fancy of searching the web for digital scrapping stuff ... I am sure DH would be happy if I would change to digi scrapping ... and it looks much quicker, too!!

I have a look into it, although I always will be a traditional scrapper as well.. just need the feel. So ... I'll be turning tra-digi in 2007!!!

If anyone has any suggestions for favourite websites etc ...all welcome!! I am currently specially interested in American Football digi stuff, as I have TONS of Wolves Photos to scrap and think that would be the easiest start for me. ;)

Off to bed in a bit ... probably reading a bit more (really have to finish "A breath of Snow and Ashes" by Diana Gabaldon by now ... I've started it AGES ago, but then came quitting my job, studying, going twice to the hospital and new diagnosis and Christmas ... well, you know all the "excuses". And that although I am usually a bookworm!!!

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