Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year's Eve 2006

Well.. DH and I decided (again) to keep it low today ... we had Raclette to ourselves (with leftovers for New Year's Day) which is usually for more than 2 people ... like Fondue which we had last year. We invite people around and they always have something else on. Not too happy really .... :( Little "scare" as suddenly everything went out in the house, apart from the lights ... I'd blown a fuse as I used a distribution plug and overloaded it. After DH was running about like a headless chicken for a bit we got the electricity back and enjoyed our meal!! :)

Then BIL and his girlfriend came over to watch the NFL (Jacksonville Jags game)until 9:30pm ... Then watched Dead Ringers Christmas Special and Still Game... during this we heard the wind howling outside and we found out at 9pm that the Edinburgh Street Party had been cancelled .... again, after 2003 was cancelled the first time due to high winds.

At some point DH heard something outside, and when we checked we had 2 sets of neighbours dismantelling a shed from one neighbour who had moved out a few weeks ago! It was one of those plastic sheds and I believe the storm must have taken off the roof!!! :O

Anyway ... midnight, a nice big hug from DH, watching a bit of the Fireworks (BBC1 showed a "Here's one we made earlier" as the live firework was supposedly cancelled ... but the inlaws confirmed that it was still going - they have perfect view of the castle from their flat) and then went to bed. I couldn't sleep so watched the "Most annoying Celebrities 2006" on BBC3 ... until 4am!!! Don't ask me why ... I just did! ;)


christiane said...

happy new year to you too!! we've had raclette also and it's enough for today!! ich kann keinen käse mehr sehen ;))

sharonfruit said...

Ah, now I get the whole raclette thing. It looks scrummy :o)