Wednesday, 10 January 2007

The art of studying...

Well... usually when I am feeling poorly I am doing my 3x45 mins study time on the PC with online quizzes. Today I have been studying from my books for 2x45 mins and the last 45 mins online quiz.

I decided that I am going to make some flash cards for the muscles and their actions/insertions/origins/innervation and then flash cards for joint movements and their respective muscles. Probably flash cards for joints and their components as well... :o That might do the trick!

As for scrapping ... errr yeah, not done this year really, apart from 1 LO ... hope to catch up though. I shouldn't have started playing "LEGO - STAR WARS II" - it's sooo funny, but takes time away from scrapping (lol). And DH seems to have unlocked some extras for me that I don't have yet, i.e. invincible and speed building ... or maybe it's just because we logged out of his saved game and I started mine? Maybe tomorrow everything is changed after switching the PS2 off??? Who knows!!! :)

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