Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Cyst - follow up scan

Gosh, it's really an in-and-out thing with me and ERI, isn't it? Was there today for the follow up scan and the head of department Dr T wanted to do the scan by himself - that's the 3rd time now ... Think he's not happy with me having the cyst in the first place and now I am one of his "problem" cases??? Who knows.

Anyway - scan was ok (well... as ok as it gets, I suppose!), cyst is going down, but we still have the next follow up appointment for post-Zolly and Cyst on 13th February. Wonder what they are going to tell me then.

I asked Dr T if I can expect to have a hospitalisation every 3 months with a cyst now and the master of non-commitment said that it depends on how agressive my endo is. Ack, I really neeeeeed some fixed information there!! :( Can't stand open answers... :/

So we'll see. At least I don't have any pain ... at least not in the lower abdomen, but my headache has reared its ugly head again today... realy could do without it.

And as I have been posting a lot of long messages lately and no photos I've taken some pics of the Pentland hills with the little snow that's left ... I just have to load them onto the PC and then will post them here...

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