Sunday, 28 January 2007

Angry, fed up, disappointed, annoyed...

...and that's only how I feel about me!!!

The last practical module from my correspondence course is over and done with, and my brain was just BLANK ... nearly the whole weekend!! I was ok on Friday for the mock written test and my Surface anatomy was also ok, but having the Clinical test on Saturday (examination & assessment and then physiology, pathology, etiology, rehab and treatment of an injury) just dragged me down ... again, just a mock test, but I was just stumbling over my words, needed a lot of prompting from my lecturer Colin and felt like a rabbit in front of a snake or a deer in the headlights!!! STUNNED!!! By my own nerves and the brain that denies its existence!!! AAAAARRRGHHH!!!

It's really annoying, specially after I have been studying for the last 4 months ... apart from my hospital stays and the fact that my brain just went "doolaly" the last month because of the Zolly!!! So I am not happy with myself and very angry!!

I also feel drained ... it's a information packed weekend every time, but this time it was preparing us for the final exam, and with my defunct brain it was harder to take in everything. I've actually taken our flip chart paper with me - Ta Colin!!! :)

However, the weekend was fun - as always!! It was only Tony and myself with Colin as our lecturer, which allowed more "one to one" teaching (well... one to two), much better than a group of 6+. We had very nice food (paid for) and I slept fairly ok .. even though my staying up late and getting up early to get more stuff into my head ... which of course didn't work!!

So... now I am WORRIED TO BITS because of the exam ... which will be in 4 weeks!!!! Colin said I should sit it anyway ... because I am most likely to pass the first part of the exam, which is the written paper and Surface anatomy of the upper limb. So now it's all getting back into Physiology, brushing up my anatomy (my brain drew a blank naming the muscles on different joint actions ... even lower limb, which I have done and sat the exam for in June 2005!!!!) and get to know my injuries. And of course doing lots of "hands on" work on Doug and any player I can get .. ;) Have already 3 veterans on my list for SuperBowl Sunday!!! :o

Well... I'll take tomorrow off studying (probably will have a look into some things though ;) ) and then get back full time Tuesday. Wonder if I should use audio tape/MP3 player? Just record bits by myself and listen to them? To give my brain a break from the boring reading?? Any suggestions/comments there? I'll get some pc slides from Colin next week, so having the pictures there should be better than lugging the Tortora or even the Palastanga everywhere!! :)

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sharonfruit said...

Oh hun, don't be so hard on yourself! It sounds like a lot of the problem was nerves. It's never easy being put on the spot like that, but at least you know what to expect now.

Can you get Doug or someone else to present you with mock injuries? That way, you can gain some confidence in that side of things!

If you're stuck, I have plenty of ailments ;o)