Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Headache again...

It's just getting on my nerves really. And the worst thing is I cannot figure out whether it's the weather, the Zoladex or just my normal tormentor!!

Woke up with a nasty feeling of a vice clamping down on the left side of my head - across the eye and around to the back of my neck.... not nice, and the ice pack didn't do much either for it. :(

Feeling better now, but have given up on studying today (after I had a lighter headache yesterday and only studied for 2hrs (well ... 2x 45mins)) and have done some tidying around the house and finally got the last bit from my Ebay ready to be posted ... just have to walk to the post box at some point today before 6pm.

We've got friends coming round tonight to discuss the SuperBowl party (main fundraiser for the Wolves) ... have to get the lounge a bit more tidy for that.

Oh ... do Scottish posties have a special bank holiday today? Just so they have 2 extra days for the 1st and 2nd January???? We still haven't had our mail and I am kinda hoping that I'd get some more birthday cards really .... nothing arrived on my actual birthday last year (30th Dec.).... :(

Maybe will be able to do some Christmas journalling later tonight ... think DH is watching College Bowl again (The Boise game had a "Statue of Liberty" play in it yesterday ... wish I'd seen it now!!) ... and may take on PS2 Lego Star Wars II again after I've done level 1 by myself and did some free play with DH in the evening.

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Heather said...

Yep, 2 Jan is traditionally a holiday in Scotland. (We get one less summer bank holiday, I think.)

I hope you got some more cards today.