Sunday, 21 January 2007

It began...

...the week of self-doubts. :(

Have been swimming today for 30 mins, always a bad idea as you can let your mind wander. Although I have been studying for about 4 months now (well... with 3 stays in hospital etc.) but I feel as if my brain denies its existence!!! Things just don't STICK!!!

Was wondering if I should postpone the Module 12 and exam for another 3 months, but in the end - why should I? I have been always bad with tests (nerves gone etc.) and I can't do more than do lots more studying the next 4.5 days and hope it's enough for the Module - which is NOT an exam, just has mock exams (both written and practical). It's a preparation for the exam itself, and maybe Colin (my instructor for this module - I had him for module 9 already) can help me getting more confident.

Today's QVC craft day, and I have been good (probably much to the delight of DH) ... I just watch it for inspiration more than anything, although the DCVW stuff was very nice ... love the "Olde World" paper stack!!!!

Off to make some roasted veg for dinner ...and maybe do some scrapping later today while DH is watching NFL playoffs.

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