Saturday, 30 May 2009

Summer is here... ?

Looks like it! :) Since yesterday nicest sunshine!! I managed to mow the lawn, strim the edges ... and also managed to pull the stuck lawnmower back over the lead but that's another story! ;) Let's just say we have a new lead for the lawnmower, and at the same time I bought a new blade, as ours is already 6 years old and never went into maintenance. :o

Potatoes are growing (I've got a barrell and one of those bags) and my new strawberries seem to do fine as well. :) Will have to tackle the weed in the back where the rasps and red currants are ... nasty little things!! Also bought a pepper, a cucumber and a tomato plant at Tesco yesterday. We'll see how that works out.

Still have to actually dig up the veggie patch which I marked out. Think that's something I am going to do today too.

On another note - yesterday we went to Dave's (friend of ours who helps with Wolves posters/programs etc.) birthday meal at Al Fresco - I didn't know that this is part of the Guiliano "chain". My way of checking Italian restaurants in the UK (let's be serious - you CAN'T do that in Germany as there are sooo many very good Italian Restaurants) is usually ordering Spaghetti Carbonara and Tiramisu ... but this time I just couldn't go past the "Taglierini al Carciofi e Gamberetti" (Taglietelle with Artichoke Hearts and King Prawns with green Pesto and white wine sauce). And it was just YUMMIE!! LOVED IT! Have to say I prefer "Al Fresco" to the main Guiliano's.

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Lynz said...

Dude! Hi!! Lovely to hear from you! The quilting is a new thing - I still scrap a bit. Good luck with the peppers, too. We're trying a Jalapeno plant this year so we shall see. xox