Monday, 25 May 2009

Just a wee entry right now...

I am dead ... and I mean *D*E*A*D* ... junior tournament on Saturday (early start), Adult Wolves away game (early start as 11am kick off due to double header for the referees - and HC wanted to be in Wishaw for 9am!!).... got sunburnt to boot, so that doesn't help.

And ... I am struggling with missing MOJO ... I wanted to do some scrapping today, and what have I done instead? Done 2 washes, the washing up, emptying the dishwasher and now HAVE to do some ironing (otherwise I won't have any clothes for work tomorrow ;) ).

That's just to keep me from going to the study and actually get some scrapping done!! BUT I WILL!! After ironing some blouses and work trousers, I will deffo go upstairs. Promised Pauline she'll get the Chinese Whisper today, and I will keep that promise for once!! ;)

But aye - at the moment you can shoot me, take me to the arbattoire ... my brain is fuddled, and I don't have any energy whatsoever!


Tonje said...

Hi, How fun to find your blog. Sorry to hear about your lack of mojo... hope you find it again soon... Good luck with the scrapping... I'm hoping to see some pictures??

Heather said...

Sympathy. I was like that last Tues/Wed. And probably will be again tomorrow after catching, again, the 6.39am train to work. :(