Monday, 11 May 2009

Guess what ....

I am writing this outside... ;) Without the long cable going through the bedroom window upstairs... :D  Our WiFi is strong enough so I can be on my lappy outside.. WAHEY!!!

Sooooo happy about it, as I had to run errands like bringing the sleep monitor back to NRIE - why don't they have a drop-off zone where you DON'T have to pay £1.20 (0-65mins) for the 10 mins it took me to dash in, drop off and come back out??? :( If they have one, then they don't signpost it very well!!! >:( ) 

And go food shopping for the next 2 weeks (Didn't manage to do that yesterday during/after training as I was helping a new friend - one of our new player's fiancee - shopping for their flat - had tons of fun mind! :) ) and also went to the petrol station twice (once at Shell to get around the Bypass to NRIE and then to fill the tank up at Tesco's - for points - and it was cheaper than at Shell).

I did a bit of massage duty as promised to AP, then dashed out to mow the lawn so we could hang up the Wolves Wash for this week. :)

Was worried all the time driving around that the sun is going away/it starts raining, but it's still nice, so I gave our plastic chairs and table a quick clean (have to do the deep clean soon) and then ... the big test ... is the WiFi working outside??

And as you have read beforehand and can see right now ... it does!! :)

So I am currently sitting here with the Wolves paperwork which is on my to-do list, but may spend some time digging and saving my berry bushes from weeds before I am starting on that.

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