Monday, 4 May 2009

Looooong Day with a not so good result..

First Wolves game of the season ... and not a good result. However, despite key players missing due to circumstances (and in this case it was some linemen) we managed to fill a bus with around 49 (?) people over the journey (with a pick up/drop off at Southwaite Service Station). It's a scary thing, because in the past our travelling squad was around 35 plus non-playing staff... :o I think we'll have to speak to Park's to get a bigger bus for the other away games???? :o

The day started early at 5:45am which meant only 5 hours 45 mins sleep ... YAWN!! Fortunately we had most stuff already packed and in the car, so it was just getting the food in the cool bag, breakfast, a quick download of e-mails and then away. We arrived at 6:45am at Meadowbank where most of our players already gathered and had been to McD's for breakfast (no surprise there).

Bus arrived in time, we moved the kit and settled down to pick up more players at Livingston - with our usual suspect being late. I really don't know how he manages that every time we have an away trip ... :o It's not as if it's his first season either ... he's a 6th year Wolf!!

Bus trip was fine, I just wish I could sleep in the first couple of hours ... but there's just something with me and not being able to sleep on buses/planes etc. :o I managed to edit a selection of Wolves photos though and burn the DVD for Dave for posters/game day programs. Pick up at Southwaite went fine too and we managed to get to Broughton Park Rugby Club in Manchester in time. :) The usual rush for jersey numbers, taping etc. and finally we got out on the pitch. Started all out a nice day, promising temperatures as well, just what the MET said at 6am. :) Bit windy, but hey. ;) That changed to very windy and rainy during the 2nd quarter though. :( NOT HAPPY!! Every time we travel down to Manchester it rains!

Today's first however - REF CREW WAS LATE!! We had ambulances late, the opposition being late ... but REFS??? So the kick off was half hour late.
Fan ratio was a bit uneven as well... 2 fans (plus 1 retired player) for the Wolves, and about 30(?) people for the Titans ... which I think is due to their new recruits, Mark Squires (a GB Lions player) and the 2 guys from Hollyoaks. ;) Cue female fans en masse!! ;)

As for the game ... well, we didn't shine on points - the final result was 27:0 for the Titans, but I think it was a good result for us (we travelled with 28 rookies to the sport who now have their first league game experience in the pocket) - we only allowed 27 points for goodness sake. I think that's an achievement for our squad and am certain we can go a long way as long as the guys stick to it and rookies don't jump ship because they didn't get game time after 4 training sessions.

Oh - we arrived back in Edinburgh at 12:30am ... and I didn't get to bed until 2am. :o Definitely not happy with the Titans for not putting on free food for the travelling side, but there you go. We had the joy of the Manchester Curry Mile... ;)

So ... roll on 17th May!!! We hope to see lots of fans at Meadowbank for our first home game which is against the Highland Wildcats, one of the 2 new teams in the Scottish Division.

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Latharia said...

Love that photo collage! Sounds like a very long day, indeed! Kudos to you for toughing it out!