Saturday, 9 May 2009

Shopping, Chai and all that

Had quite a busy day yesterday - had to go to NRIE to pick up my "sleep monitoring" kit and then had planned to meet up with Heather P and Heather R at Fort Kinnaird for a cuppa and some shopping at Borders & Hobbycrafts. Also decided to get rid of some landfill stuff we'd floating around the house since the neighbours' Sky Dish made a flight down into our garden and since we'd have our car checked.

I don't like NRIE. It's the most illogical layout I've ever seen in a hospital really... :o Ok, so far I have only experiences from Germany, but that is probably a cliche then! ;) Bad enough that they make you walk through the gynie unit first before you get to the assisted conception unit (unless you park in the smaller car park up the hill ... but if you're taking the bus you really HAVE to walk through the waiting room full of preggers women etc.! If you're coming from the small car park you still have the preggers women outside SMOKING!!! ... Ok, quick change of topic!!) - can I hear a "That's a man's logic of planning!" ????

When I went to the Sleep Medicine unit for my first appointment I was lost as I was told to go to the Day Clinic ... which last time I checked was below the Day Surgery unit. But no, it wasn't. It was way back stashed away past the restaurant (didn't even know where that was until then!). And not very clearly signposted either. :o

So... yesterday I went to the Sleep Medicine Day Clinic (ok, I lost my letter, so couldn't say if they actually gave the correct place for picking up my kit this time) - was told I don't have an appointment (I phoned them on Thursday to make sure I had the time right!) and then was told I have to go upstairs. "Just take the lift up to first floor and walk back towards the main building area!" was all I got. No ward number, no nothing!!! So I took the lift and then slowly walked along the hall ... searching for something stating "Sleep Clinic" ... which I found after a while ... ward 114. Followed the signs and then was directed towards something "cardiology"??? Locked doors with intercom didn't help either, but fortunately I had 2 supply guys explaining to me what I had to do.

So ... the Sleep Medicine Unit was the actual place with the "bedrooms" where they do the monitoring for the acute/typical cases (My first consultation didn't really bring up lots of "red flags" so I got to do the monitoring at home). One of the nurses explained to me how to put on the gear and then I was sent home (with a quick stop at Julian Greaves).

Quick detour to the Craigmillar landfill (including an extra round as I didn't find the motor oil recycling the first time ;) ) and then I went to Fort Kinnaird. Got some nice smelly stuff at Body Shop (once a year I am surely allowed??) and then met the 2 Heathers at Starbucks for a Chai Latte. Got the latest issue of Craft Stamper at Borders and some tartan papers at Hobbycrafts for the CJ "Where do you live" and cellophane bags (shared with Heather P) for the 1 Stamp Swap. Still not convinced by Hobbycrafts (want a Michaels or a Jo-Ann's!!). :(

With the whole weather going from sheets of rain, sunshine, black sky and sunshine, back to torrential rain I decided I could try a quick trip to Dobbie's to check if they have anything interesting from PaperMania (and to check if Hobbycrafts marks up prices). Didn't find anything (and the prices looked fairly the same) at the craft section (which is getting smaller!) but there were some nice Yankee Candles - but with the inlaws going to Florida soon I'll rather give them the shopping list. ;) Checked for seed potatos (well.. Rooster ones) but they were all gone or moved to another section. Then the obligatory trip to the Food hall ... testing the flavoured oils and vinegars. This time I decided to buy some as they were really nice. :) Raspberry Vinegar, a special mix of Balsamic Vinegar and Basil infused Olive Oil. :) In Germany you can get these in the normal supermarkets... so I just HAD to. ;)

On the way back ... I encountered Friday afternoon work traffic on the Edinburgh Bypass!! :o And was stuck for 20 mins at the Gogar (?) Roundabout. That was BEFORE I decided to cut through South Gyle. I went to Tescos, recycled poly bags and believe I still was quicker at DrumBrae Roundabout than if I'd waited at Gogar to get along St. John's road!!!

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Heather said...

Yikes - the New Royal layout sounds a maze. And how rubbish that you have to walk through gynae to get to assisted conception. :(

Glad you had a productive day though. :)