Friday, 1 May 2009

Geeesh! It's May already!!! :o

Yeah... scary thought, isn't it? And I don't even mention the time until Xmas... ;)

Anyway, what have I done since last week??? ... A lot of registration for the Edinburgh Wolves, paperwork and all that. We've got our first game on Sunday, which is an away trip "across the border". ;) Our bus will leave at 7am ... YAWN!!

Currently going through the mad dash of preparing everything ... it just seems that there are always things going wrong prior to the first game of the season, and suddenly players wanting to change their kit or deciding they are good to play after all so didn't organize their kit earlier. ... MEN!!! Although ... most of the team behave more like 14 year old pubescent boys! LOL.

Else ... I managed to finish the last Chinese Whisper yesterday (2 weeks late) and will be off to do the Recipe cards for a swap in 15 mins.

Then I still have 1 more CJ from the German girls to do as well as a stamp swap ... I really just don't know where the April has gone!!! :o

My left ear is blocked since yesterday, my hearing is like I am underwater (one sided) ... and now I have headaches again... JOY!!!

Ah well... let's hope for the best ... I got my last ever issue of Simple Scrapbooks today ... I think I have every single issue, and I really LOVED this mag. Shame they had to stop it. I am not sure if I am going to order my Creating Keepsakes from Artbase from July instead (my US subscription is running until then) or if I just cancel it as well... :o

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Heather said...

Getting the bus at 7am? Ooh - early. I hope you get an early night and that your headache has gone by morning.